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What is Pre-Need?

Pre-Planning To offer you and your family security and confidence, West University Cremation Services can help you arrange a customized pre-funded funeral plan. Don’t leave your family with the burden of stressful decisions in the painful days after your death. Find peace of mind with pre-planning.

By taking care of your funeral details now, you can ensure that your wishes will be followed and your family will not be taxed with the stress of planning a last-minute funeral. Plus, because pre-planning allows you to secure funeral costs at today’s prices, your family won’t be left holding the bill.

When you pre-plan with West University Cremation Services, we’ll help you determine precisely what type of services you want—no matter how simple or elaborate.

Why Pre-Plan?

Gain peace of mind - When you plan ahead, you can take comfort in knowing that you’ll receive the exact funeral or cremation service you desire.

Remove the burden from your family - The days following a loved one’s death are already a painful and stressful time for the surviving family. By pre-planning, you will remove some of the burden from your family and ensure that your loved ones won’t be left second-guessing about what you may have wanted.

Guaranteed prices - Pre–funding allows you to lock in services and merchandise at today’s prices and avoid the rising costs of inflation.

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